V I D E O / D I R E C T I O N


I worked as writer/director on Hungry Shark Shorts, a series of animated short films bringing to life the characters from the chart-topping mobile games Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Shark World. They have averaged around 5 million views on YouTube. The process for this was usually: come up with ideas, produce and develop a storyboard, create a 3D animatic (including audio) to get timings near-final, oversee the final animation and audio process, edit and add titles and additional audio.

The final animation was done by The Pixel Hive (with me contributing here and there) and audio was by Stafford Bawler.




These are game trailers where I captured and edited game footage and produced animated sequences. The 3D animations in the Hungry Shark World trailer were produced by The Trailerfarm.